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If you’ve been a Timbaland fan over the last say 5 years and you have even a grasp of the internet than you definitely ran into the site It was THE site to go to for anything Timbo, news, pictures, music, everything. I can remember going on that site 2-3 times a day hoping for new Timbaland news.

Well I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of that site, the one and only Timbalandchick. Not only is she a fan but she’s all for the fans. She’s constantly offering help to any Timbo fan who needs it whether it be with starting a site, graphics, design, you name it. Timbalandchick has always been and continues to be a very humble, down to earth, and really cool person along with being a devote Timbaland fan. Here’s what she had to say when I talked to her.

Boogie: So Timbalandchick how are you doing today?

Timbalandchick: I am doing great. How are you?

Boogie: I’m excited! Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule for this interview. So let's start with some background information: Who is Timbalandchick? Where does she live? What is she all about? Likes? Dislikes? Interests?

Timbalandchick: Well, My name is Jessica. I have carried the name "Timbalandchick" for about 8 years now. It was actually given to me by a friend of mine. I currently live in Chicago but that will change soon. I am a professional photographer, a graphic designer, and a proud parent. I don't really dislike anything or anyone; I am a friendly open person. Liars annoy me though (lol). I play sports, I draw, and I write poetry. I'm your all around American girl.

Boogie: How did your friend come up with the name Timbalandchick?

Timbalandchick: There was a guy that I had a conversation with daily about Aaliyah and Timbaland on the bus ride home from school. This was back when “One In A Million” first dropped. He caught the same bus as I, and since it was a long, boring ride, I needed someone to talk to. I had never told the guy my name. Everytime he asked me, I avoided the question. One day he saw me from across the street when I was out at the mall. I ignored him waving his arms haha and since he didn't know my name he yelled out "Hey...Timbaland chick" I couldn't help but turn around :-)

Boogie: Haahah and there you have the story of a name that has now become a household name for Timbaland fans. We all know you! So how did you become a fan of Timbaland? Was it a certain song or artist that first got you interested?

Timbalandchick: Aaliyah. I used to dress like her. As a teenager my walls were coated with her photos. She was and still is my idol. I have always been into music since I first learned to walk and Aaliyah's "One In A Million" was the very first album I owned. The music was so amazing to me. I started to do research on who this "Timbaland" guy was. I was fascinated by him.

Boogie: So how did that fascination with Timbaland grow? What became of it?

Timbalandchick: It first started with just having a fascination with his musical talent. Not all music held my attention like the songs produced by him, but when I saw the video to "Luv 2 Luv U" remix that fascination with his music turned a little deeper. Every time I saw or heard Timbaland, even his name, my heart raced. Yet people around me knew little or nothing about him. Some people didn't even know what he looked like. It kind of bothered me. That is why in 1998 I built "the" website.

Boogie: Yes and I remember "the" website well. See back then there was nothing about Timbaland. Here you had one of the most innovative producers out there, completely changing music as we knew it but there was no information about him except, that is, for your website.

So tell us more about it: How it came about? What did it provide for fans? And most importantly, what was the response you got from both fans and industry folks?

Timbalandchick: (SMILE) Well, I was very young when I first put it up (counts…) I believe I was 14 or 15. So I knew nothing of web design lol. I still remember the url and you will not believe it but it is still up HAHA. It was

It was a simple site with maybe 1 picture of Timbaland. He didn't have many photos. It had a guestbook, which is amazingly still up, Tim's biography, and a couple of fan activities. Fans loved it because it was the only place to go. Later in maybe 2002 I changed the url to Fans contributed more pics and information. It got so popular it become #1 on Google, Yahoo, and #5 on AOL search engines. Then, by accident, Tim's brother Sebastian ran across it.

Boogie: I remember anytime I wrote "Timbaland" on a Google search back then, up came It was THE site to go to if you wanted up-to-date Timbaland info.

Now what happened when Sebastian saw it?

Timbalandchick: That's where the blessings come in. Through word of mouth my friendship with the greatest man alive I know (other than my father and Tim of course lol) Mr. Bill Pettaway. Bill sent me an email with a pic of him in an Aaliyah shirt standing in front of the Beat Club tour bus. The email simply said "Thank you from Timbaland and Beat Club" I ignored it at first. I'm like "somebody's fooling with me again". I had gotten to the point where I wanted to meet Tim so bad that I was sad.

I replied to Mr. Pettaway like "Uhm who is this?" (haha) He wrote back explaining who he was. I then wrote something of the sort "Are you for real?" So he asked for my number and called me. I talked to Bill by phone on and off for a week. He sent me letters and the last Aaliyah shirt that was made before she died. One day though he called me at like 6AM asking "Did I wake you up?" I lied and said "No" (haha) He goes "I got Tim right here" and he put Tim on the phone!

From that point on began my connection.

Boogie: Wow what a great story! How was it talking to Timbaland? I mean here he is, a man you built your website about, an idol of yours for many years and now you're talking to him on the phone! How did that feel?

Timbalandchick: It was amazing. He was so cool. And he is soooo funny. We talked for like 45 minutes. He got on the phone like "How are you my number one fan?" Haha. He kept saying, "After you meet me you are going to be like 'Oh he's just like everyone else'. You aren't gonna love me anymore. " Haha he was so wrong because talking to him by phone twice and meeting him face to face twice has only made me more of a fan. He's so mysterious.

Yet nobody believed me until I had pictures with the man. Before then I was just a big liar to everyone. Then again, how many people do you hear go to school and say "Hey, I talked to Tim on the phone this morning". Sounds far fetched doesn't it? Haha. Well, my hard work has paid off. I am head of Tim's virtual Team and Fan club.

Boogie: Yeah I'm sure it was really hard for people to believe you but just as you said who's going to believe that you just talked to Tim or went and visited him.

So how is Tim "mysterious" what makes you say that? Tell me about going to meet him: Where? For how long? What did you do? Where you in the studio?

Timbalandchick: What makes Tim mysterious is he's so laid back. He's very observative. Just the way he carries himself makes him a mysterious man. I bet he could write a book on his personality.

The first time I met him was at the Hit Factory in Miami. I moved to Miami for college in 2003 and Bill invited me to the studio. When I was in the studio sitting across from Tim, Jimmy D, and Bill Pettaway it was the most indescribable feeling I have ever had. I was so happy. Tim did my voice mail for me :-D it said "Yo, you've reached Jessica's phone, and who am I? Timbaland..." I forgot the rest haha. It was so cool. Bill then took us (my aunts and I) out to dinner. I couldn't eat because I was too excited haha. I started crying because I couldn't believe all of this just happened.

I met Tim (again), Magoo, and Sebastian at the Indian Flute video shoot. The making of the video was awesome. That's when Sebastian told me "I see you be arguing with those people on the forum saying you lying about knowin Tim" That freaked me out like "wow he hangs out in the forum!!?". Magoo is soooooooooooo nice.

After the shoot. They gave me a ride home on that HUGE Beat Club bus. Tim sat next to me during the ride watching TV. It was so surreal. I looked down at the carpet that had the Beat Club symbol embroidered in it and was in complete denial of where I was.

Boogie: Yeah I would have been right there with you not eating and I can only imagine what it would be like sitting in a room with Bill Pettaway, Jimmy D, AND Timbaland!! That's crazy!

Well what an incredible story Jessica, I mean here you were this little girl looking up to Aaliyah, then through the years, it turns into this amazing relationship with Timbaland and his camp. It really goes to show no matter how big or popular or famous someone is at the end of the day we're all just people.

So what projects are you currently working on and what are the future plans for Timbalandchick?

Timbalandchick: Currently my partner in crime Mishan (big fan of Tim also) and I maintain Timbaland's Myspace page for him with the help of the lovely Keith :-) It is ALOT of work.

I recently re-launched the website full force,, and you will see me in the near future doing big things. I am the Creative Director for an exotic jewelry magazine dropping soon, so look out for me on a few red carpets when it drops. I will see Tim again whenever I can get back down to Miami. Also, with Tim's approval, I will turn this fan club thing into something that blows all fans out of the water. That part is a secret though (shhh) haha

Boogie: Great stuff! Yes is BANGIN'!! The site is amazing! Great pics, up-to-date news, a lengthy production discography, everything Timmy fans could need. We all look forward to more great things from you in the future.

Let me take the time too Jessica to say thank you for paving the way for us that have come after you. I have been a Timbaland fan since day #1 but I didn't really get into researching and learning about his music until a couple of years ago. Since that time I haven't looked back. This site along with all Timbaland related sites owe you a lot of gratitude for what you've done so thank you!!

And I also thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview. You are the first of what I hope will be many interviews here on The Chronicles.

Do you have any final words or anything else you'd like to say?

Timbalandchick: You're very welcome hun.

I would like to thank any and everyone who has contributed anything to the website over the years. Even if you just pointed out a typo haha. All of the people who had my back when others downed me, I thank you. Thanks to the site where I met Tim. Thanks to Tim and now I know the wonderful Bill Pettaway, and thanks to them, I met my boss and have the awesome job I have today. To everyone who is discouraged about ANYTHING, just use me as an example that hard work, prayer, and patience can put you where you want to be.

And for the few that look at me and say "You are foolish for doing so much without getting paid"...I say and quote 'I have been paid a thousand times over with kindness, respect, and acknowledgment. And in this lifetime of mine, that is all I ask for"


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